In Clinic Nutrient testing, Minerals & Vitamin Analysis and Heavy Metal Toxicity Screening

Are you always exhausted, can’t concentrate, wake up tired with aches, always hungry, and not finding any answers?

It could be a simple answer of your body being depleted of essential minerals such as chromium, phosphorus or zinc – but don’t guess – find out for sure. Tests are quick, painless and provide you finally with the answers you are seeking.

Scientifically proven testing technology is used to provide precise analysis and measurements of the trace elements, vitamins, minerals, and heavy metals, currently present in the body’s tissues, skin and peripheral blood vessels.

This comprehensive, instant and ‘real time’ report, will provide you with positive and powerful answers to your health concerns and a full understanding of the ‘why’ of your symptoms from all aspects.

If you have had a recent full blood test taken, we can then also conduct a full comprehensive analysis of both reports, showing how all these imbalances and synergies affect your health.

In clinic testing measures:

Mineral deficiencies
(due to diet and food choices)

Accumulation of heavy metals in the body

Anti-oxidant levels

Vitamin levels

Health and wellbeing is not only from what you eat, but what your body absorbs both in toxins and nutrients.

An overload of heavy metals in the body such as Cadmium (Cd) or Aluminium (Al) causes the lack of absorption of our essential minerals zinc, silica and magnesium from our diet.

This then can reflect in many and varied symptoms such as digestive/gut problems, allergies, sleeplessness or emotional concerns.

When we become aware of these imbalances, we can then support the body in what it needs, not what we think it needs, and with time a better balance can be created.

By providing instant testing for these deficiencies and overloads, it enables my clients to finally feel empowered with their health concerns.

Many see positive changes quite often within days.


What is Spectrophotometry?

Spectrophotometry is a quantitative analytical method consisting of measuring the absorbance or optical density of a chemical substance.

This instant test shows all your essential minerals, vitamins and heavy toxic metals in one very clear and easy to understand report.

As spectrometry checks the cellular levels, the test gives the most direct and immediate information possible on a patient’s health. It is significantly faster and more accurate than assessing urine or blood samples.

Spectrophotometry is used in many areas: chemicals, pharmaceuticals, environment, food, biology, medical / clinical, industrial and others. In the medical field, spectrophotometry is used to examine blood or tissue.

Should I bring my advanced blood test to the appointment?

If you have an advanced blood test conducted/requested by your GP then it would be very helpful to bring with you as results and interactions can be analysed in combination with the testing conducted in clinic.

The method used in our in clinic testing to obtain results on the amount of trace elements in tissues is the starting point to work out any appropriate treatments.

The most common use of this data is to look at what supplements would benefit the patient in order to boost their health, vitality and immunity.

Where the test identifies concerns about heavy metal toxicity or anti-oxidant levels, this can be very helpful in understanding symptoms that a patient might have been experiencing, such as tiredness, insomnia or stress.

Understanding an advanced blood test allows the Practitioner unusual visibility of what could be influencing a person’s health and enables them to prescribe the appropriate treatment, supplement or lifestyle changes.

When do I receive the test results?

Reports are printed instantly in clinic and discussed in detail at your appointment – you are given a hardcopy to put in your folder and you can also choose to have a pdf report emailed directly to you.

What will the test reveal?

The report is normally 3 pages long and provides comprehensive information including:

Page 1 – results of 20 minerals and trace elements, including a global overview of deficits and surpluses. The following elements are analyzed: calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), phosphorus (P), silicon (Si), sodium (Na), potassium (K), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), iron (Fe) , manganese (Mn), chromium (Cr), vanadium (V), boron (B), cobalt (Co), molybdenum (Mo), iodine (I), lithium (Li), germanium (Ge), selenium (Se) and sulfur (S)

Page 2 – results of 14 toxic, heavy metals, including the global metal intoxication, and the extent in which the sulfoconjugation of the liver is blocked. That is a function of the liver in order to neutralize toxins. The ratios of four major pairs are calculated: Ca/Mg, Ca/P, K/Na and Cu/Zn. In percentages the degree of oxidative damage versus protection is calculated (oxidation versus antioxidation)

Page 3 – degree of acidity (acidosis) and the predisposition to diabetes and allergies are listed; following which ten functions are analysed based on the values of all elements, such as enzyme activity and the cardiovascular system.

Why worry about mineral deficiencies?

Sophisticated testing would reveal nutritional deficiencies in many adults, as the array of nutritional values required is so vast. Eating a diet which covers all the nutritional requirements is very challenging. For some, busy lifestyles means an over-reliance on pre-prepared food, takeaways or eating out. For others, trying to lose weight and living on a restricted calorie intake can amplify the effects of missing nutritional values.

An individual report can highlight the areas of deficiency to inform plans which might be delivered through dietary changes, supplementation or both. The objective is of course to improve a person’s health.

Why worry about heavy metals?

The negative health impact of heavy metals has been demonstrated by numerous studies published by research institutes including WHO, FAO and other organisations.

The massive exposure to these toxic agents becomes a real public danger, especially for those living or working in cities, due to the elevated levels of pollution in the air. Heavy metals also are found in earth and water and can enter the human body either by contact or else through food.

Initial consult

Your initial 1 ½ hour consult with me includes:

  • a comprehensive analysis of the results of your in clinic test, (Value $160.00),
  • a blood type test if needed,
  • a general wellbeing, physical, nutritional advice, targeting your specific needs as shown from the test, detailing how these excesses and deficiencies can affect you on a daily basis both emotionally and physically,
  • a full analysis and comparison of your blood test will be done if you have one from your Doctor,
  • your personal take away Folder with a full copy of the test results plus nutritional / dietary advice and further, full details of all the minerals and toxic metals that are relative to your test so you may understand their impacts better,
  • Homeopathic remedies to support and/or supplements such as Iodine (this is an additional cost)
Clinic 1 ½ hr Initial Consult $250.00 (GST Free)
Follow Ups (30mins)
(usually 3-4 weeks later)
$80.00 (GST Free)
$75.00 cash
30 mins Homeopathic consult $80.00 (GST Free)
30 mins nutritional consult with no testing $80.00 (GST Free)
Remedies – Vial of Pillules $20.00 (GST Free)
Blood Type Test $20.00 (GST Free)

30 min Homeopathic and Nutritional consultations are welcome.

About Janine

My name is Janine Brundle, PD Hom (UK) NA. AHA.

My passion for all natural therapies and healing began many years ago when I was in my early 20’s (I am now in my 70’s) so, understandably I have accumulated considerable knowledge, empathy and experience along the way.

To become a Professional in my field, I studied Homeopathy and Nutrition for 6 years and have been in Clinic for over 15 years, but of course, as a Practitioner you never stop learning!

Early on in my practice, I chose to specialise in mineral deficiencies and toxic overloads, as this test has provided, to both myself, and my clients powerful, and often simple and logical understandings of the ‘why and how’ of their symptoms.

By providing instant testing for these deficiencies and overloads, it enables my clients to finally feel empowered with their health concerns. Many see positive changes quite often within days.


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