Children's Health

Some children are born with an already genetically vulnerable immune system that become even more compromised from multiple toxicities and sources.

In my clinic I focus on the following protocols to support these Children:
  • Detoxification of heavy metals, drug residual effects and environmental toxins
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Rebalancing of gut flora
  • Healing of the mucous membranes, including the intestinal lining 
  • Advising of dietary protocols such as the essential removal of gluten and dairy and excess sugar from the diet.

The processes used are multi-pronged with the main focus on diet, mineral supplements, the removal of parasites, improving gut bacteria and supporting the body and emotions with Homeopathic remedies and natural supplements.

I also discuss with the parents possible major events in the child’s life that could contribute to their condition such as:

  • Traumas or event, illness, etc.
  • Any adverse reactions to medical protocols
  • Drug or drug combination, its complications, and the illness it treated
  • Birth (drugs and procedures, C-section, etc.)
  • Pre-birth – Mothers in utero treatments and experiences

Parasites in Compromised Children

Parasites thrive with dysfunctional digestive tracts and immune compromised systems, they are prevalent in many older children with autism and are made worse by added toxins and chemicals of all sorts including medications.

Parasite Symptoms

  • Aggression and defiant behaviours
  • Teeth grinding and playing with saliva
  • OCD (may be combined with high strep)
  • Mood swings
  • Behaviours worse at full moon
  • Disturbed sleep and irregular sleep patterns
  • Anal itching
  • Desire for strange things such as dirt, chalk. (Pica)

Now lets look at Heavy toxic metals and mineral deficiencies in compromised and Autistic children.

Studies show that Autistic children have particular difficulty in metabolizing or removing heavy metals from their bodies.

  • Iodine levels were 45% lower in the children with autism.
  • Autistic children with pica (strange cravings) had a 38% lower level of chromium.
  • Autistic children with low muscle tone had very low levels of potassium and high zinc.
  • The mothers of young children with autism had especially low levels of lithium, the young children (ages 3–6 yrs) with autism also had low lithium. Low lithium affects neurological and immunological development
  • Autistic children showed high significance of copper in their bodies.  The higher the level of Copper in the child the more severe was the Autism.  Studies show a significant elevation in the levels of toxic metals Lead and Mercury in autistic children when compared to a healthy control group.
  • The levels of trace elements Magnesium, Zinc and Selenium are significantly decreased in autistic children.

Heavy metals disrupt biochemical pathways such as the methylation cycle.  They can cause direct injury to sensitive cells in the brain and in the GI tract and disrupt neurotransmitter functions. 

Developing brains and immune systems are more susceptible to the effects of heavy metals and other toxins.

Oxidative stress can inhibit the absorption of Vitamin Bs a process called methylation (MS function), Thimerosal, mercury, and antimony are known to disrupt this MS function.

Taking into account all of the above -  my protocols take time and to rush the process for these children would be inappropriate - therefore my treatment plan covers 12 - 18 months depending on age and severity of conditions.

 A special  fee and payment package provides the most cost effective and easy method to ensure ongoing support in this process.