Toxic Metals

Restoring Health & Creating Balance

Providing positive answers to chronic symptoms from a different perspective

Did you know that the quantity of chemicals produced and introduced into the environment has increased from the 1930's of 1 million tons produced each year to now where over 200 million tons are released into the environment each year.  These toxins are in our air,  water and foods. 

A large part of my Clinic work is focused on the identifying and the safe, gentle removal of heavy toxic metals in the body along with supporting the body with the supplementation of essential minerals.  I also focus on the symptoms and effects of heavy metal absorption such as; Chronic Fatigue, Autoimmune disease, Neurological disorders, muscle aches and pains, memory, sleep problems and mood fluctuations.
It is important to know that both minerals and vitamins-  essential to life -  cannot be properly assimilated or absorbed when there are high levels of Toxic metals in the body - an example is when there is a high reading of Aluminum in the body then there will automatically be low levels of Silica in the body.  Aluminum causes a slowing down of functions such as constipation and brain fog, Silica is needed to support the bodies immune system against colds and flu, for bone, hair and nail growth and on a metal level is known to provide strength and courage. Also, Minerals balance the blood and tissue fluids in relation to acidity and alkalinity, a slight change in blood concentration of important minerals can rapidly endanger life.

Heavy metal toxins are absorbed by everyone, potentially causing chronic illnesses. Today it's not a question of whether or not you have been exposed to heavy toxic metals, but rather by which ones and by how much.

At the Toxic Metals Detox Clinic the most up to date testing is used to assess the levels of toxic metals and mineral deficiencies in the body. A simple and quick test will provide you with instant and accurate measurements of your mineral and metal levels, helping to restore health and find balance.

I have a local specialized, caring and professional clinic that provides answers to the underlying causes of deep chronic illnesses, using natural, gentle and safe and natural therapies along with Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle advice.

The following may be signs you are affected by heavy metal toxicity-

► Fatigue, exhaustion & thyroid issues

Compromised children (Autism, ADHD)

Individuals subjected to toxic work environments

Those who have accumulated toxins in their body

►Patients with chronic conditions, who are not prepared to accept a life time diagnosis

►Persistently un-well

►Memory fogginess

I focus on quality care and take the necessary time to evaluate each individual client, to ensure complete understanding of your concerns and goals in a safe environment, providing positive answers to chronic symptoms from a different perspective.

Please go to my specific website:   Toxic Metals Detox Clinic, Melbourne  for further information:

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