About Janine Brundle

A highly qualified and dedicated Professional Homeopath & Nutritionist with a focus on assisting clients with Auto Immune Diseases, plus all general family health concerns from babies to the elderly including compromised children with Autism.  My speciality is in the identification of toxic metals and mineral deficiencies in the body and the appropriate detoxing and supplementing to gain wellness.

 My full time Clinic is at Shop 2, 544 Hampton Street, Hampton, Victoria.

Naturopathic Practitioner / Homeopath and Nutritionist. P.D. Homeopathy, Dip. Nutrition, Dip.Pathology & Disease, Dip.Anatomy & Physiology and a MINDD  Practitioner.

Unlike a visit to your local Medical Centre, your appointment will not be rushed, the first consultation may last up to over an hour during which time we will not only discuss your symptoms but also how you are coping with your symptoms. 

Over the years I have successfully treated the following conditions:

Chronic depression, Panic disorders, Anxieties, Asthma, Brochitis, Chronic Mucus, Chronic Cough, Ezcema, Dry mouth syndrome, Chillblains, Clenched Jaw Syndrome (& Grinding teeth), Smoking and Alcohol Addictions, Restless Leg Syndrome, Bursitis, Shingles, Reflux, Acid Reflux/Heartburn, Hemorrhoids, Dysmenorrhea (very heavy,long periods), Amenorrhea (light or no periods), Fungal infections, Memory concerns, Hyperactive Children, Autistic Children, Hashimotos Disease, Hayfever, Colds, Sore Throats, Tonsilitis plus much more.

A few testimonials from valued clients:

“I can’t thank you enough,  I have a new husband – he is a changed man”  Beth. R.  NSW

“What you have put together for me has been working wonderfully as far as my mood. I feel so much more stable, haven’t cried in a week and feel a much stronger peace”     Marcia P, ACT

“You have done a wonderful job so far in making my life happier and brighter!”  Patricia K,  ACT

“The asthma remedy was amazing - I have even taken her off of her Singulair.”  Penny J, ACT

“I gave her cough remedy several times a day when it started and it stopped so quickly. Thanks so much for that, we will definitely be keeping that on stock!” Bianca J,  NSW 

“The change in my son has been fantastic”.   Anita T, NSW

“He is sleeping through the night and is a lot calmer and settled.  Appetite is really good now, attitude calmer, he normally does not like to take medicine unless it is sweet, but is very happy to take the homeopathic remedy”  Barbara S. ACT,

“Just to let you know my son has now had 4 dry nights!”  Nicole G  NSW

The Asthma remedy was amazing for Olivia I have even taken her off her Singulair. I gave her cough remedy several times a day when it started and it (the cough) stopped so quickly.  Jen.L. NSW

Membership And Affiliations

  • Professional and Registered member of AROH (Australian Registrar of Homeopaths)
  • Professional member of Australian Homeopathic Asssociation
  • Member British Homeopathic Association
  • Society of Homeopaths (England)
  • Fully paid member - The International Institute for Complementary Therapists.
    • Providing Professional Affiliation for the Natural Health Industry. Welcoming 680 + Natural Therapy Modalities. Visit: www.iict.com.au