Looking at your health from a different perspective.

For those who are wanting to be healthier or who are chronically unwell and are searching for positive answers -  

I believe that our modern diet, mineral deficiencies, toxic metals and industrial chemicals are the underlying cause of most of today's illnesses - Toxins of all kinds affect the immune and nervous system as well as promoting inflammation,  creating conditions over time such as CFS,  lethargy, diabetes, cancer, dermatitis, allergies, autism, anxiety, muscle and joint pains and depression. 

Unfortunately toxins are a fact of life now for all of us, we cannot escape them, they are in our foods, in the air, water, drugs both medicinal and recreational and personal products such as make up and deodorants  -  but knowledge is power - and knowing what minerals you may be deficient in or what toxins are in your body is extremely important as is knowing what foods are best for you.

Testing is quick, simple and painless - you will have answers instantly. 

At my Practice I take the time  to look at your concerns holistically – taking into account all the influences in your life.   My protocols are not hard to follow, remedies are easy to take and I will not be asking you to purchase or take a lot of expensive supplements or fill in pages of proforma questionnaires, I prefer to take the time to listen to your concerns personally.

I look forward to helping you regain your health and wellbeing.

As a dedicated and professional Natural Therapist and Nutritionist my focus is on bringing back health and wellness with safe, natural and gentle modalities. I have gained the highest qualifications in my field and am a Professional member of AROH and AHA.

Don’t treat the symptoms – treat the underlying cause –

My Clinic Room is at 557 Glenhuntly Rd, Elsternwick

Call for an appointment  P: 9448 2334  or  0419836370